Help Young Masters Art Prize Shortlisted Artist Amartey Golding Raise Funds to Finish Groundbreaking Short Film ‘Chainmail 2’

Please support and share the crowd-funding campaign for Amartey Golding‘s #Chainmail2:

Premièring at Attenborough Arts Centre​ on Friday 13 April. RSVP

The Young Masters artist is raising funds in order to finish an art film that takes you within fictional, black, inner-city, urban communities, where a discreet culture has been growing amongst the men. This culture is centred around the creation of unique, steel chainmail suits and garments. Each member of the community spends months, sometimes years, creating their own suit to present at the regular Chainmail ceremonies. Each man’s ceremony is as different as the people they are centred around but, at their core, are always a display of strength and vulnerability, of being the victim and oppressor, of encompassing good and evil, in whatever form that might take for the individual. The films look at how we are all a walking collection of contradictions.
‘Maryam Golding’s three oldest sons – an artist, a soldier and a ballet dancer – are all on the way to the top. Much of that, they say, is due to their parents, who brought them up to be fiercely proud of their mixed race heritage.’ Read the feature in The Guardian.