W is for Women chosen by Cynthia Corbett

Sisters in step: your art on the theme of women

By , Cynthia Corbett and 

The Guardian, Wednesday 4 October 2017 

1200 (1)

Gillian Hyland, The Forgotten, C-type Print.

This photograph was taken during a shoot last year and was shot outside a 1930s house on the outskirts of London. The young girl is reflected in the vintage car window and it symbolises how children often feel invisible to adults
Artwork: Gillian Hyland/GuardianWitness

1200 (2)

Felicia Simion, Selfie in the park, 2017.

Artwork: Felicia Simion/GuardianWitness


Sadie Hennessy, Freudian Slip

Artwork: Sadie Hennessy/GuardianWitness


Cynthia Corbett, Nwoma, Watercolour.

This is a watercolor sketch of my daughter that I did while she and I were painting on a Sunday afternoon. Artwork: SaigonArt Retreats/GuardianWitness


Kathryne Husk, Eikōn, 2017

The eikōn series is a statement on ‘inspiration porn’ and its dehumanizing effects on disabled women. Artwork: Kathryne Husk/GuardianWitness

1200 (3)Caz Love, Birth of Venus

Site specific installation at Elephant Butte Damsite Winter Arts Colony, New Mexico, 2017, Artwork: Caz Love/GuardianWitness

1200 (4)

Veronica Winters, Rosa Parks’ Dreamer, Oil on panel.

This painting symbolizes the dreamers, generations after Rosa Parks. Artwork: Veronica Winters/GuardianWitness

1200000Shelley Dyer-Gibbins, CinegirlLinocut 4 x colour block original print.

Cinegirl is a strong and iconic image which cannot help but catch your eye
Artwork: Shelley Dyer-Gibbins/GuardianWitness


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