Patrick Pietropoli Solo Exhibition | Museo Civico di Crema, Italy February 2017

Delighted that gallery artist Patrick Pietropoli was invited by the curator of the Civic Museum of Crema to showcase his works inside the freshly restored halls of what had been a 15th century Augustinian cloister.


Patrick Pietropoli was a teacher of political studies for several years before becoming a professional artist. Trained as both a painter and a sculptor, his oil on linen paintings have both an antique feel and a very contemporary freeness. Drawing inspiration from the style of old masters such as Titian and Velasquez, Pietropoli creates grand figural compositions and cityscapes. He paints the carefully articulated architecture of Paris, New York, Rome and other major cities as well as delicate nudes. His nudes capture a moment in time where he defines the relationship between form and freedom. To the viewer, a simple color field becomes a stable wall behind the figure. Each painting, due to its observed patience, is timeless.With small amounts of paint and a restricted palette, he brings an intimate texture and space to his paintings. He has executed commissions in the form of frescoes and monumental sculpture for the Mutualite Francaise and has consistently exhibited his work in Italy, France, Belgium and America.

Pietropoli has been recognized as an established artist in France since the mid 1980’s. His solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad draw both collectors and admirers.

“My work is about drawing and painting, I mean there is no border between them, they are most of the time together coexisting in the final canvas. I start of course the work with drawing, but it doesn’t mean it will not reappear at the final step, on the top of the paint layers.” Patrick Pietropoli

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