The Cynthia Corbett Gallery at COLLECT Stand 6.4 | Saatchi Gallery, 2-6 February 2017

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is delighted to announce that it will be returning to COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery in February 2017.

Date: 2-6 February 2017
Venue: Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London SW3 4RY

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The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Stand 6.4, is delighted to present work by 12 fine-art makers: Chris Antemann (Meissen porcelain); Fernanda Cortes (hand-sculpted earthenware, coloured slips); Michal Fargo (porcelain); Amy Hughes (hand-built grogged stoneware) Patricia Mato-Mora (terracotta and mixed media); Mary O’Malley (terracotta); Jongjin Park (sheets of tissue paper, porcelain with colour stain); Claire Partington (earthenware, glaze, enamel, lustre, mixed media); Zemer Peled(porcelain, porcelain shards, fired clay); Matt Smith (black parian) Jo Taylor (porcelain) & Alissa Volchkova (porcelain).

Our presentation will include new work by Zemer Peled who will give an Artist Talk at COLLECT on Friday 3rd February at 2pm
Zemer Peled is acclaimed for her unconventional relation to porcelain, as well as her examinations of the beauty and brutality of the natural world. She utilizes a process of creation and destruction to make sculptures consisting of thousands of porcelain shards, resulting in works that can be read in relation to art historical tradition, outsider art and natural phenomena. In 2014, Peled was shortlisted for the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize. She is currently visiting artist in residence at California State University (CSULB).

We are delighted to preview Matt Smith’s installation Wunderkammer, a new series funded by the Arts Council England and presented for the first time at COLLECT 2017
Matt Smith is interested in how history is a manipulated narrative that edits out marginalised histories and presents itself as a fixed and accurate account of the past. His practice often consists of site-specific interventions in museums (Queering the Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2010), historic houses (Unravelling the National Trust 2012-2014) and public collections (Other Stories, Leeds University Art Collection, 2012). Smith uses craft materials and techniques, infiltrating establishment organisations and shifting their – and their visitors’ – points of reference. In 2015-2016 he was artist in residence at the V&A Ceramics Studio.K craft market is £3.4bn.”