Lluís Barba ‘Travels in Time’

Gallery artist Lluís Barba, who has recently exhibited in The Cynthia Corbett Gallery Spring Exhibition: Focus on Photography has another major show happening titled: ‘Travel in Time’, at The Fundació Vila Cassas, Barcelona.


The rereading of masterpieces from the past is a constant in the work of Lluís Barba (Barcelona, 1952). His exercises in reinterpretation, materialised in a body of work reminiscent of collage, blur historical boundaries to interrogate the insubstantiality of our memory. The exhibition is divided into four areas. The first is a photographic intervention by the artist centred on prints by Pieter Brueghel illustrating the seven deadly sins. The second is a simulated conversation between 12 artists from different disciplines, while the third is a personal and subjective look at the history of art from the point of view of his piece El jardí de les delícies (The Garden of Delights). Finally, in a fourth space is displayed En memòria de Guernica (In Memory of Guernica), which invites the viewer to reflect on the loss of humanist values in our world today.

Barcelona is dedicating to collage artist Lluís Barba a double exhibition after his success international. After an apparent pop kindness hides messages of social criticism.

The Fundació Vila Casas and Contrast Gallery in Barcelona is dedicating two exhibitions to collage artist Lluís Barba, after the international success of his photographic creations in Miami,London and New York.

Under the title “Travel in time” the Espai Volart of the Vila Casas is a retrospective that is immersed in the reading of the great works of the past as one of the constants of the artist who used to great personalities of the past and icons of contemporaneity to unite seemingly contradictory worlds. In their works lives street characters who visit a museum, beautiful celebrities and with glamour, people at risk of social exclusion, the same artist and works by leading artists of the past such as Van Eyck, Frida Kahlo, Oldenburg, Jeff Koons, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Matisse and Goya: “without them we would not have come this far.”

Excited by the fact that finally you can see his work in his hometown in Vila Casas is an exhibition of large works as some of his most famous pieces as ‘ Garden of Earthly Delights’ with the base of the painting by Bosco of more than four meters, and the ‘Guernica’ by Picasso.His paintings are like a ‘virtual image’ in which great artists of the past and its protagonists rub shoulders with the author and contemporary society around him. “I imagined in the works and why not be with the society next to Brueghel?”; It has asked Barba(Barcelona, 1952) told Europa Press.



After an apparent pop kindness, the artist claims the work of great artists of the past and and fail to make complaint a “society that travels at two speeds” as evidently reflected in the play ‘Project of the adequacy of the great gallery Louvre’ by Robert Humbert, which can be seen in the Gallery Contrast in which a parade of big stars is close to people ’homeless’.

The goal is that “people enter” in the artwork, and you realize that another society in which there are obvious injustice.

In fact, one of the elements that reflect criticism and denunciation reflecting parts Barba translates into bar codes tattooed all characters that look alike somewhere in the body, whether stars or ‘homeless’ as one of the “marks of the consumer society.”


Among the buyers of his work there are big names such as Paris Hilton and Kate Moss, and recently the mogul Jorge Perez has chosen a ‘Guernica’ to preside over a mural of one of its new buildings in Miami.

His work is full of details made with many layers and that of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ from 40 gigabytes of capacity took nine months of work, which in the case of the ‘Guernica’ was four thanks to advances in technology.

The need to learn to look, one of the constant demands of the trials critic John Berger, is one of the great concerns of Barba, who regrets that often visitors to a museum or gallery devoted just 30 seconds to judge a work when reading a book or watching a play devoted hours.

Paris Hilton leans on the nose of the portrait of Francis Bacon. Kate Moss walks with a cup of coffee in hand above the hair of Frida Kahlo. The Hitler praying, the iconic work of Maurizio Cattelan, appears kneeling in the landscape ravaged by bombs Guernica, while Yoda from the Star Wars watches it from heaven.

This is the chaotic world, Baroque and grotesque of Lluís Barba. The artist creates anachronisms constantly on works of the masters of the past, that become painfully current. The classical art and madness and vanities of society in the twenty-first century come together in the work of the Barcelona artist, not too a prophet in their own land and, instead, succeeds without problems in the United States and Britain, countries where it exposes regularly. In fact, his work has been acquired by themselves Kate Moss and Paris Hilton.

So Barba is happy to present its first institutional exhibition in his hometown, in the Space Foundation Vila Casas Volart2 (Ausiàs Marc, 22), where he has gathered a significant sample of their work based mostly on huge and very detailed photomontages. The base of these pieces are always masterpieces of art history: Guernica, by Picasso; The Garden of Earthly Delights, Bosch, the engravings of the sins of Brueghel, and portraits of Picasso, Goya, Van Eyck, Van Gogh and Matisse.

Barba however, literally repopulates these famous works, provide a high philosophical and moral content characters present in the world of cinema, fashion or art, that they walk, frivolous, and living in the most total unconsciousness. Barba wants to tribute the art of the past, “unfortunately, especially here, we usually do not see much”. Without these artists, we would not be where we are”; he adds.

The Travel in time (sample title) that Lluís Barba proposes in this exhibition has nothing to do, then, with time machines nor transfers through the Quantum Universe. The black hole that allows the trip is the relationship between ancient art and contemporary. And in the same way as the masters of the past did, Lluís Barba tries to denounce the sins of society you live. It does so in a particular series of works about The other sins: “These are the sins that the Church does not anticipate that I seem all the more serious.

Continuously find people stirring in containers I think is a wild sin or child exploitation or pollution … Instead, the Church thinks that sin is the use of stem cells. It’s absurd. "Similarly, in the spectacular reinterpretation of Guernica, Barba added a wide carpet of black and white photographs of all current wars, which show that the scene that Picasso painted during the Spanish Civil War has not lost today. Alongside the exhibition Space Volart, open until July 19, Lluís Barba also presents recent work in the gallery Contrast Barcelona (Consell de Cent, 281).

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