Artist Chris Antemann shows her limited-edition Meissen chandelier and other pieces at Art Miami

$139,000 porcelain chandelier from tiny Joseph, Oregon (photos and video)

Chris Antemann of Joseph, Ore., created limited-edition porcelain pieces with Meissen Porcelain Manufactory in Germany . The Antemann Dreams Collection is represented by London’s Cynthia Corbett Gallery. Janet Eastman/The Oregonian

A light fixture priced at $139,000? Such objets d’art exist, but who would guess that the creator of a highly praised, high-priced porcelain chandelier is Chris Antemann from tiny, remote Joseph, Ore.?

The sculptor has received international attention for her seductive send-up to classic Baroque porcelain figures.

A full-room installation titled “Forbidden Fruit” debuted at the Portland Art Museum in September and continues through Feb. 8. Other fragile, complex pieces were sent across the country to be showcased this week at Art Miami, one of the contemporary art fairs held during fabled Miami Art Week.

Watch a video in which Chris Antemann explains that it required a team of more than 20 artisans to create one of the 10 chandeliers.

by Janet Eastman |

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