Young Masters: Focus on Painting|Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones, Take off the mask, 2014, Coloured Chalk Pastel on Paper, 122cm x 91.5cm

Oliver Jones, Take off the mask, 2014, Coloured Chalk Pastel on Paper, 122cm x 91.5cm

Flesh, with particular reference to the face is the main angle of critique throughout Oliver Jones’ work, acting as a social commentary and aiming to question notions of identity whilst scrutinising the subtle variations, colours, structures and complexities of its surface. His current work examines the way the media and industry advertise, manipulate and exploit the image of flesh and the exterior, inducing society to become familiar and accepting of an image that is far removed from the everyday. This is no new ploy and throughout history the exterior façade has been an image of great intrigue since the inception of the mirror and again with the camera accentuating our narcissistic and vain traits prompting a pursuit of perfection or alternate reflection that can often lead to a shrouded image of reality.

Jones studied at Margaret Street School of Art in Birmingham (part of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design), graduating in 2008 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art and winning the Associated Architects Prize. Since then he has exhibited in many group exhibitions both nationally and internationally including: the Threadneedle Prize, UAMO City Tour in Munich, Intimate Spaces, Galerie8, and SELF at the Mall Galleries. His work is collected widely, and held in notable collections in Frankfurt, California and Istanbul. This September sees the opening of Jones’ first solo show in Los Angeles with Gusford Gallery.


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