Lottie Davies|Interactive Love Stories



©Lottie Davies Courtesy of L A Noble Gallery Title: The Library (Philip and Valerie 1977)

No, it’s not about what you think. This post is about memories. Who needs them? Isn’t our life photographed to death? Every family gathering or party, every milestone of a child’s life is captured and exposed on Facebook, Instagram & Co today. It’s strange then to think that some of our most significant memories remain uncaptured. A photo of your earliest childhood memory, anyone? Or of the moment you met your partner?

Welcome to our new photography blog. This is the place to come to for photographic stories from the British Isles and the US, curated and written by the New York and London photo editors Angelika Hala and Dagmar Seeland. Stories like these images by the English photographer Lottie Davies who collects memories and dreams of everyday people the way others do stamps or coins. She writes them down with meticulous attention to detail and then turns them into beautiful photographs, freeze-framed short stories that possess a certain Hollywood quality. Davies sources her props on ebay – a pocket knife from the forties, an old suitcase, a mechanical Singer sewing machine. Her models are actors because „Most models lack the ability to get into a character“, she says. She is prepared to travel far for the perfect location: once she made the arduous journey to a frozen lake in Finland, another time she’d found the ideal room for her picture „My Mother Was Born in a Bucket“ in a mansion house in Scotland. Everything you see in Davies’s photographs is real and there to tell part of the story. Elaborate? Perhaps. But necessary to give the viewer a genuine experience, argues Davies.

Her latest project ’Love Stories’ deals with that favourite of dinner party questions: „And how did you two meet?“ Every image is a symbiosis of the memories of both partners (“you’d be surprised how much they can differ!“) and an added dash of creative licence. “I’m fascinated by how easily even our most vivid memories can become manipulated  – by time, our parents’ recollections or even a photo we’ve seen of a room“, says Davies, “It can lead to a green interior turning blue, or a typewriter becoming a sewing machine.“

Do you have an unusual ’Love Story’?  Then Lottie would love to hear from you. It can be your own or somebody else’s, such as your parents’. If you want your story to become part of this project, please post it here:http://lovestoriesproject.com/stories/

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