10 Year Anniversary Q&A | Lluís Barba

LLUÍS BARBA.  The Studio of the Painter, Pierre Subleyras, 2011 Edition of 6, C-type print, Perspex mounted, 181.1 x 186.5 cm

LLUÍS BARBA. The Studio of the Painter, Pierre Subleyras, 2011 Edition of 6, C-type print, Perspex mounted, 181.1 x 186.5 cm

How long have you shown with The Cynthia Corbett & can you tell a little bit about your practice?
I started working with Cynthia Corbett about six years ago. The working relationship with the gallery always been fluid and has resulted in a good friendship.

What inspired you to become an artist?
I think being an artist is, an innate way of life with implicit personality one can not link or unlink, you have the need to express what you think.

How did you meet Cynthia Corbett? Cynthia Corbett was interested in my work at Scope Basel, invited me to participate in theexhibition ‘Young Masters’ who was preparing in London and since then we continue to work together.

How has the gallery helped your career?
For my trajectory It has been a very positive gallery, Cynthia is not limited to sell works, organizes and participates in events, and international fairs, museums, art centers to promote to the artists.

How has your work changed over the last 10 Years and how has the Gallery supported you?
My work has experienced logical evolution in my discourse that continues to developthrough new technologies and media. From masterpieces of the past I have been able to articulate a formal and conceptual language and express everything that interested me. In my various projects I always received support from the gallery.

What’s your favourite exhibition you have taken part in with Cynthia Corbett Gallery?
It might be the exhibition Cynthia held in Cork Street in late 2012, as parallel donate an artwork to the British Museum, was auctioned through Sotheby’s at an event organized by Wendy Fisher.

What’s your memorable experiences/ exhibitions/ or fairs?
With Cynthia Corbett Gallery, noting Hamptons participation in fairs in New York and ArtBasel Miami, I have supposed that a major impact at the media.

Describe Cynthia Corbett in three words?
Tenacious, incisively and persevering.

Who in the art world is your biggest inspiration?
The great masters of art history, Brueghel, Bosch, Duchamp… and other contemporaries Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Roy Lichtenstein

What are your plans for the future?
At this time I will be in AAF Hampstead London fairs, Scope Basel Switzerland, and ArtArtHamptons Southampton New York and Silicon Vallery Art in San Francisco. I will participate in the project ‘Imago Mundi’ at the CAC Málaga, Centro de ArteContemporáneo-in collaboration with the Benetton Foundation. In October the 10th anniversary exhibition of Cynthia Corbett in London and 2nd Biennial in Buenos Aires. For 2015, I’m working on my first monograph mounting Fundació Vila Casas museumBarcelona, – my hometown, for different reasons because my work has been recognized internationally-. And a mural project coordinated by Baltus Collection of PAMM Jorge Pérez Museum in the Miami Design District.

What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?
Living and working every day.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be?
I do not know, not me I imagine.



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