Gallery Artist Andy Burgess Featured In The American Art Collector

american art collector - draft2

Gallery artist Andy Burgess featured in the American Art Collector. Courtesy of the American Art Collector Magazine, May, 2014.

Andy Burgess’ new work drapes silky abstractions gently over modern architecture, a presentation that yields gorgeous results in his Mondrian-like fantasies of modernist construction, eternally blue skies and lonely swimming pools, their ripple-less surfaces more like glass than water.

“The last couple of years I’ve been painting modern homes in and around Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I’ve been very interested in looking at abstraction through architecture. I want to hang the abstraction right off it,” Burgess says of his new work. “I like the way the materials, including the glass and steel, interact with the light and color. ”Light and color is what brought the

London-born painter to Tucson,  Arizona, where he currently lives and paints. He discovered the southern Arizona city—known for its Western vibe amid its thriving arts and culture—after his father, a travelling actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, had visited during the 1980s. “He was doing King Lear at the University of Arizona and I fell in love with the town,” Burgess says. “It’s sunny, warm, bright and fairly quiet. It doesn’t provide me with many subjects, though, which is why I travel so frequently.”


Burgess will join photographer Tom Leighton in a two-man show titled ar•chi•tec•ton•ic hosted by London-based The Cynthia Corbett Gallery at Site/109 in New York City. The show opens May 1 and hangs through June 1. Read more



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