Frieze Week New York: The Downtown Fair


Downtown - freieze week Deborah


Fads come and go in New York, but there’s one you can count on forever— great art.

From May 8th to the 11th, New York City is hosting the inaugural Downtown Fair, a new modern and contemporary art fair produced by the ownership team of Art Miami.

The fair will feature a carefully selected and curated group of over 50 international art galleries with a strong focus on works from the 20th and 21st centuries. Galleries will present works by emerging and mid-career artists as well as early, modern, and contemporary masters. Nearly 600 artists from over 35 countries will be on display at the fair.

The Downtown Fair is one of the best and freshest alternatives during Frieze Week for collectors, art enthusiasts, curators, art advisers and art aficionados. It’s the kind of event where discovering never-before-exhibited art pieces is the norm. It just goes to show whether or not you reside in the City, you haven’t seen it all. Here’s the proof. Read more.



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