Cynthia can sell!

20150120-_Z1A2000-webI thought it would be interesting to trot along to London Art Fair last week to see what their exhibitors had to offer, and how they were engaging in this process on a more national and international level.

Visitors were literally crawling over one another to check out works (and by the look of all those red stickers invest in work) from the Young Masters Art Prize presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery. So in terms of getting yourself represented, make sure you’re on Cynthia’s list – Cynthia can sell!

In summery, there’s enough help out there, and in the words of Jimmy Cliff, You Can Get It If You Really Want, but you must try, try and try. Try and try, you’ll succeed at last!

Via Painting a sobering picture – what does the future hold for art education, art schools, and artists in the UK? And a trip to London Art Fair…


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