Charlie Moxon- Fantastic Response at Cork Street!

Young Masters has had a fantastic response at the exhibition on Cork Street. We would especially like to congratulate Charlie Moxon, as his incredible paintings have already sold out in just the first week!

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Charles Moxon’s portraits draw on past techniques, in particular those of the Dutch seventeenth century Old Masters, but combine these with the added observational detail and hyper realism of more modern photorealism. His use of lighting and fluid paint strokes are reminiscent of Vermeer, with a similar layering of transparent glazes to help create depth.

In his commissioned portrait of Roy Bentley, an ex-England and Chelsea football player, he captures the sitter and his aged appearance with startling accuracy. His work, ‘National Anthem’, which was exhibited in the Mall Galleries as part of the 2012 BBC series ‘Show Me the Monet’ portrays an elderly woman in the latter stages of her life.

Charles studied BA Painting at Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London, 2010- 2013) and in 2011 his work appeared in, Dazed and Refused, Hurwundeki Gallery, London. Charles was shortlisted to the Final 300 in the BP Award, 2012 and lives and works in London.


Cynthia Corbett Gallery

TEL +44(0)20 89476782, MOB +44(0) 7939085076


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