Upcoming Klari Reis exhibition in the Wall Street International!

Gallery artist, Klari Reis, was written about in the Wall Street International  in light of her upcoming solo exhibition at the Cork Street gallery in Mayfair  from 24 June – 06 July 27!

‘Klari uses the tools and techniques of science in her creative process, constantly experimenting with new ways to apply materials and methods. She is driven by curiosity and her desire to explore and document the natural and unnatural with a sense of wonder and joy. ‘           – Wall Street International

Congratulations Klari and a big thanks to the WSI Magazine for the great media coverage! Make sure to visit her exhibition coming soon!


Klari Reis uses the creative process in both painting and science as metaphors for one another : for curiosity and exploring and documenting the natural and unnatural world with a sense of wonder and hope.

Currently working in San Francisco, the artist recognizes that  Northern California hosts more life science companies than anywhere else in the world.  Klari Reis’ art work is a product of biological techniques, which provide context for the artworks and explore the increasingly fuzzy line between the technological and the natural.



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For more information:

Klari Reis Solo Exhibition

24 June – 06 July 2013

27 Cork Street, Mayfair W1, London


Cynthia Corbett Gallery

TEL +44(0)20 89476782, MOB +44(0) 7939085076



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