Cynthia Corbett Gallery at Art Hamptons 2012

Cynthia Corbett Gallery is proud to be participating in Art Hamptons, Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark, Bridgehampton, 12 – 15 July 2012.

The gallery will be presenting incredible new work by British artists Deborah Azzopardi, Andy Burgess and Spanish artist Lluis Barba.

Deborah Azzopardi has become world-renowned for her distinctive pop art images which she has been producing for the past 25 years. Millions of people across the world are familiar with her artworks which are sold through major international retail outlets including Ikea and Next, as well as by international gallery The Cynthia Corbett Gallery and auction houses such as Christie’s and Bonhams. Her works have been published by The Art Group and Pyramid International.  For Art Hamptons Azzopardi will be releasing one of her most iconic & well known works which has been published internationally in the form of posters & greeting cards.  The work titled Cheeky! has had global exposure and we are delighted to be able to preview the original painting at Art Hamptons for the first time!

Deborah Azzopardi , Cheeky! 2006

Deborah Azzopardi , Cheeky! 2006

British born, US based Painter Andrew Burgess’s fascination with buildings continues with this new series of large scale paintings inspired by the Hamptons. Buildings are chosen for their clean lines, bold geometric design and dynamic forms.


 “In some senses this project is a labour of love to record my own encyclopedia of early modern buildings and their designers.” 

 By rediscovering and reinventing these architectural gems and bringing them to life again with the brush, Burgess is  breathing fresh life into this critical area of modernism and  deepening his own exploration of the meeting points between  representation and abstraction.

Andy Burgess.  The Russell House (designed by Peter Blake and Julian Neski, Water Mill, The Hamptons 1956) 2012

Andy Burgess. The Russell House (designed by Peter Blake and Julian Neski, Water Mill, The Hamptons 1956) 2012


Spanish photographer Lluis Barba reworks iconic artworks to comment on contemporary society, introducing modern characters into Hyeronimus Bosch’s or Pieter Brueghel’s medieval scenes. In 2012 Lluis Barba was invited to present a solo exhibition at PINTA London to celebrate the fairs inclusion of Spanish artists.  His work is held in major Latin American public collections, Museum Collections & Foundations.  Private Collectors include Jorge M. Pérez, Miami, FL; Stuart & Pamela Rothenberg, Miami & NYC; Rick & Kathy Hilton, CA; Mr & Mrs. Richman, NYC; Carol Low, NYC & Paris; Wendy Fisher, UK & NYC.

Lluis Barba, The Parable of the Blind 2010

Lluis Barba, The Parable of the Blind 2010

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